10 Things all Medical Students have done, but we’d rather not admit

1. Told a patient we would come back and check in later, but never did

2. Hoard handover and patient notes because the confidentiality bin is just too far away

3. Directed to a patient to take a history from and never went

4. Made up examination findings because it’s probably more likely “heart sounds dual nil murmurs”

5. Complained to friends about being treated like a fly on the wall by that rude doctor just because we are “medical students”

6. But then also say, “I’m sorry, I’m just a medical student,” when someone asks us to do something we don’t want to

7. Nod thoughtfully at a consultant’s teaching point even though it made no sense whatsoever, but everyone else seems to have understood and you don’t want to be the idiot of the group

8. Be asked to look up a question and report back, but never do it and hope they never run into that doctor again and be recognised

9. Breathe a sigh of relief when the patient you’ve been asked to perform a procedure on is asleep

And finally,

10. Used the old and generationally passed down, “Sorry, I have a tutorial now,” excuse to escape from a painful ward round.

16 thoughts on “10 Things all Medical Students have done, but we’d rather not admit

      1. I hope you’ll come back to the South Island and enjoy more of the beauty you’ll find here. I live in Tapanui, less than 2 hrs drive from Queenstown. I wonder if you made it to Glenorchy at the head of Lake Wakatipu, it’s really stunning there. btw, thanks for the follow and welcome.


      2. No unfortunately we didn’t make it to Glenorchy, we stayed relatively close to Queenstown due to time constraints but manage to see Wanaka, Milford sounds and some closer places. Definitely want to go back!

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  1. Number 9 had me chuckling.
    Jeeeesus woman! I call hospitals my second home and now I read this…..
    Fun read and actually number one when you said telling a patient to check on them later and never do… that is for sure and often, at least in my screwed up hospital. But I get to flirt with the nurses so is all good.

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