10 ways to maximise your procrastination

1. Always round up. You surely can’t start working at 10:05am can you? Might as well start at 11:00am.

2. And if the next time you check the clock it says 11:01am, round it up again.

3. Prioritise the things you need to do. That online sale that expires in the next two hours is definitely more important than the 2,000 word essay due tomorrow.

4. Get into a good momentum. One after another, of Netflix that is.

5. Complain about the amount of work you have, and how little time you have to complete it. This is as you inch closer and closer to the deadline whilst ignoring said obligation at all costs.

6. At the same time, keep telling yourself you have left an appropriate amount of time to finish the work, delusion is key.

7. Suddenly realise all the menial tasks around the house are much more urgent than the exam tomorrow.

8. Write yourself a beautiful schedule, detailing all the tasks you have to complete today. Then abandon it the second you start and realise you expected too much of yourself.

9. Compare yourself with your friends. If there’s at least one person who has done as little as you, then you are validated. Hey, you could probably bond with them over that!

And most importantly…

10. Never give up! With dedication and perseverance you can become as proficient of a procastinator as me!

But seriously, anyone have tips for a chronic procrastinator like me? I will spend 8 hours in front of my laptop and at the end of it only have completed an hour’s worth of work. I am certain it’s going to come back and bite me in a** one day, but still haven’t managed to shake it this terrible habit.

23 thoughts on “10 ways to maximise your procrastination

  1. I’m as guilty as anyone so your humour strikes a chord but you mentioned 8 hours in front of your laptop. Perhaps after a decent period of ‘real work’ you could reward yourself with a walk outside for an hour, popping in to a local cafe, or whatever appeals. Then you’ll be refreshed for the next period of ‘real work’. My OH says a real list that you write with a pen is the most important thing and a big green pencil to cross the things off the list when you’ve done them ๐Ÿ™‚ He also suggested a big old-fashioned hourglass (not one of the little ones that are easy to ignore).

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  2. We are all procrastinators to a certain degree. When push comes to shove and that deadline looms, find a very quiet spot and just start the assignment. Once started, it becomes easier to complete. Consider your future patients if you have to read up on their illnesses. Procrastination can then be a life or death issue. Perhaps a licensed counselor can help you address this serious issue. Best of luck.

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    1. Thanks Mary, I agree I really need to just get myself in the right mindset and plough through the work. I think with time and more experience I will definitely get better, especially once I start working. At the moment I get too complacent in being a student I think.

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      1. Helen, my pleasure. Once the world of work is your domain, procrastination will lessen. We all have the same 24 hours per day. Where there’s a will, there’s a way. Best of luck. Five degrees later and now retired from the work world, I still have my moments of procrastination. Mary Ann

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  3. You sure are doing well. You don’t need a cure for this. In fact, write a book.
    I mean, I have seen a book on laziness which I like and now how to procrastinate- that would be a best seller!

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  4. I have the best intentions and procrastinate all the time so I can totally identify. I try to work first thing in the morning with my energy level is highest and I promised myself a break for tea and whatever for 15 minutes every hour but I use a timer and when it goes off I have to go back to work for sure.
    Using a list with just a few things on them is also really great then you can see yourself accomplishing things and you can use these things together. Good luck and I love your sense of humour

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    1. Thanks so much! Yes I really do think having a list and crossing things out might be the best method for me. I donโ€™t think Iโ€™m going to become efficient overnight, but Iโ€™ll work on this bad habit and hopefully one day Iโ€™ll write another list on how to conquer procrastination!

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  5. Thank you for reading a blogpost of mine! ๐Ÿ˜Š I had to check yours out…
    This reminds me of how I buy planners, one after another, doodle in them, look at them but donโ€™t write in them and in the midst of it all I tell myself, โ€œOne day I plan to use my planner.โ€

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