My lapse in judgment

It was early into my first clinical year and I was still being eager, traipsing up into the wards and asking for patients who would want to have a chat with me. A young gentleman was recommended, so I tiptoed into the shared room he was in. He was on the far side of the … More My lapse in judgment

What will I become?

Ever since I started my medical school journey, and perhaps even slightly before that, people have asked me what field I eventually want to pursue. And for the past three years, my answer has always remained “I don’t know.” Whilst nothing has changed and I am not writing this to suddenly announce my surprise commitment … More What will I become?

A fly on the wall

In the ecosystem that is the hospital, medical students are at the bottom of the food chain. We are the dumb and mute stragglers trying to infiltrate the tightly knit herd that is a ward round. We are the unwanted. I study at a large teaching hospital, where there is up to almost two hundred … More A fly on the wall

When I grow up I want to be… not a doctor

I wanted to be many things growing up as a child. Journalist, lawyer, author, university lecturer, television presenter, veterinarian, I flirted with many ideas. I have since crossed off several of these from the list, however for some the infamous phrase “never say never,” still applies (looking at you author and lecturer). It was halfway … More When I grow up I want to be… not a doctor