I am full of contradictions

Oh man, quickly, what did we talk about the last time we saw each other? Must’ve been almost a year ago. Did he say anything useful that I can bring up in conversation now? I don’t remember. We’ve already done the obligatory “what have you been up to,” and the odd weather comment. It’s only … More I am full of contradictions


You Your ambling pace Tells my nerves to slow. Steady, steady steps Lifts my feet and fears in tow. *** You Just like the constant sun A spot in my horizon Reach for me and I’m done. *** Rising east and falling west Ever lasting rays of light Does warm me like a well loved … More You

My greatest talent.

I hope you didn’t come here expecting fantastical tales of unbelievable feats and achievements. If you did, well, sorry I click-baited you but also feel free to keep reading (aka not sorry). I like to think I have discovered a few talents throughout my life. Dancing. Writing. Public speaking. But my greatest and most fruitful … More My greatest talent.