Stay home

In a time where the world is seeming to crumble,

And fear bleeds through hearts of the deeply troubled.

An invisible threat, with no care or discrimination,

Annihilates peace and wrecks havoc on every nation.


A sneaky fiend you unwittingly invite,

Back into your homes to give it great delight.

It smiles and you embrace its cold, deadly arms,

Don’t say we didn’t warn you of its quiet, deathly charms.


Day in, day out, the curve sees its rise,

The rush to find supplies hit us all with much surprise.

Life begins to warp and our nerves are set to fray,

Safe haven becomes a prison as we turn our own away.


But most will fight and conquer this foe,

So you think, you ask, should I follow status quo?

You forget the the ones this plague will not relinquish,

So humility, my friend and the incline will extinguish.


The distance that divides and keep us all apart,

Unites our sense of humanity and lonely, broken hearts.

A time will come when this will form a chapter in our history,

So ask yourself, where were you during this unforgettable misery?

23 thoughts on “Stay home

  1. Definitely not gonna forget 2020 lol … but just think in 10 years when we remember the decade – we gonna be like – look what the world walked though!!

    I’m sure we are learning lessons here too… how the world can actually come together support each other and then also … maybe governments will come up with ways to protect or handle better should some similar situation ever occur again. No one saw this coming like this. We had our eyes closed going about life. Now we be more aware? Hopefully

    But yes stay home and stay safe!!

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    1. This is certainly going to be a memorable experience for the entire world and I hope things begin to turn for the better soon! I wish more people were listening to instructions and being considerate to others, but we can only do our part and hope the government will find ways to ensure safe distancing and self-isolation are enforced. I hope you are well and finding things to do at home!

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  2. I appreciate the rhyme scheme, especially where it’s not quite right, so to say–better still, unique arrangements of assonant and consonant rhyme.

    As for content (more important), I must say that the word “humility” really got to me, when reading. I think that would be a saving grace and strategy. Many think humility is submissive and there subsumed. But how about an active kind of humility? The kind that says I’m not in this only for me–I’m here for you. Maybe more so for you. This kind of choosing and practice would go far in easing “lonely, broken hearts.”

    Great work that will be a history, a recording of events and reactions, of its own.

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    1. Thank you so much. Yes, humility is a quality that should never be seen as weak but a strength. I think more people could do with a little humility, many are not following instructions for social distancing and it just makes the rest of our efforts seem in vain. It’s upsetting to see and I just hope there are enough of us doing the right thing to help flatten the curve.

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