I miss

The early rise from my cocoon of sleep,

A blurry eyed breakfast and a scheduled time to keep.

A rushed routine, of makeup and hair,

To reach the station with little time to spare.


The rhythmic grinding of wheels to track,

My daily nap for the restless insomniac.

Into the city our shuttles go,

Seedlings of opportunities I intend to sow.


The daily chores filled with much complaining,

Long, boring classes that are endlessly draining.

Then a warm, hearty lunch in clear Tupperware.

An eye on the time as my mind drifts elsewhere.


The clock hits five and then we unite,

Hugs and kisses alongside drinks all night.

Our worries behind us as the sun breathes a sigh,

Chattering plans as we all say goodbye.


Home, sweet home and on comes pyjamas,

As I lay down to sleep with no frightful dramas.

A mundane day, like all others seen,

But a day that I miss now I’m in quarantine.


Hello everyone! Man, I am a complete homebody but even this is proving too much for me! These past few weeks have made me miss the long days I used to complain about, and I cannot wait to see familiar faces in person instead of as pixelated images on my screen. I hope you are all doing well and finding ways to entertain yourself, have a great day!

27 thoughts on “I miss

  1. I think this is my favorite line:

    Then a warm, hearty lunch in clear Tupperware.

    It’s ordinary, and who’d have thought we’d miss such things? But we do!

    Well, let’s look forward to the small and worldly things, once they return. In the mean time, let’s try to stay safe, concerned about our friends, hoping for health in the world.

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    1. Hey, that’s my favourite line too! It’s true, it takes a global disaster for us to appreciate all the things we took for granted. But these are small things compared to the bigger picture, so we can only do the right thing and hope for the best. Have a good day šŸ™‚

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