Psychoanalyse me please: 5 recurrent and memorable dreams

For as long as I can remember, my nightly slumber is a time where I am transported into fantastically bizarre realms that have little connection to the reality I live in. Science alleges we all have multiple dreams a night, and I can contest to the truth of that statement because I often find myself waking with several new whimsical tales that I cannot rationalise in any shape or form. The problem is, most of the time I forget the dream (or nightmare) by the the time I’ve dressed and gone downstairs for breakfast, and whilst I’ve flirted with the idea of keeping a notebook by my bed let’s just say my mind is not in a condition to coherently write passages when I’ve just woken up.

But, as the title clearly delineates, that doesn’t mean I’ve forgotten every dream I’ve ever had. In fact, there are quite a few recurrent and memorable stories I’ve never forgotten and likely never will. So I thought I’d share them here, as a break from my recent COVID-19 related posts, to hopefully take our minds off the current climate even if just for a few minutes. Oh and also heads up, please don’t actually psychoanalyse me, this is all for a bit of light-hearted fun. I’d rather not be told I have certain mental illnesses I’ve never been diagnosed with over the internet (you scoff but you’d be surprised). But feel free to share some of your own dreams!

  1. Jurassic School

I’m back in primary school, and for some reason there’s a Tyrannosaurus Rex causing rampage on campus and we all have to save our own skins. I can visualise my school perfectly, the grey, speckled concrete pavement in the centre of the main classroom block that leads towards the short row of beige, portable classrooms with tin roofs that had never moved during my seven years of schooling there. I run in that direction and behind these lies our basketball court, oval and the three playgrounds that were allocated to the different year levels. I’m standing at one end of the small basketball court and to my right runs a border of shrubs and plants which cover the metal fence that separates us from the outside world. Bingo. I nestle myself in one of the shrubs, and despite feeling incredibly exposed (because the shrub is a sad collection of withered branches and a thin speckling of leaves) I await with bated breath. Sure enough, as the deafening stomping sounds urge closer and closer the sharp, glistening ends of carnivorous teeth emerge into view. The T-Rex stands before me in all its glory, and I watch as it roams around, its beady eyes darting around suspiciously. It starts to turn away from me and clomp in the opposite direction

I don’t remember much of what happens after, probably because I used to wake up around this point. This was probably the dream I had most frequently as a teenager and whilst it isn’t particularly exciting, I remember it very distinctly. The funny thing is I don’t think I ever had this dream during primary school, but more-so during my high school years.

2. The bathtub, the witch and the forest

I’m on an excursion with my classmates and we are traipsing through this dark, menacing forest. We somehow find ourselves winding around this narrow path down a hill, so narrow we can only walk in a queue one behind the other. At the bottom of this hill lies a clearing in the forest, and there is this white, porcelain bathtub in the centre. We edge closer, the musty scent of thriving moss and recent rain filling our nostrils. Suddenly, a terrifying, ghostly entity rises out of the bathtub and begins to chase us down. I cannot remember what she looks like, but somehow I know she’s a she and that she’s terrifying. We begin to hightail it out of there as she inches closer and closer, her ghostly feet never seeming to touch the ground. I’m petrified.

I’ve only had this particular dream once or twice, but it’s etched into my memory. I was terrified and running for my life, and I could not care less about the people I was with. In that moment, the only person I cared about was myself. A funny fact: regardless of what dream I am having, every time I run it feels like I am running through imaginary mud. My feet drag and I have to push hard to get any momentum. It doesn’t mean I am running extremely slow, because I know when I am ahead of others, but I am always so frustrated and distressed because I can’t understand why I am moving so inefficiently. I just wish I could run normally in my dreams.

3. Escape house

There’s someone, or something in my house. I must run. I leap from upstairs to the first floor, the sensation of my heart in my throat as my feet hit the floor. I try the front door but it’s locked, so I sprint for the backyard. I flip over the fence and I’m running, refusing to look back. And then I start to fly. But instead of gliding, this version of flying relies on me doing the freestyle stroke in the air. With my feet kicking violently behind me and my arms frantically sweeping the air, I am rapidly swimming along, away from this invisible hunter that threatens my very existence.

I’ve had many a dream where I am fleeing from something and many of these situations seem to start from my house. I used to frequently be jumping from tall heights and having the sensation of my heart in my throat, just like when you are on a rollercoaster. For whatever reason I also used to think falling in dreams meant I was growing taller in my sleep, now I think it may have been a lie my parents told me for no reason at all. As for the swimming in the air part, don’t ask. I have no idea why it’s the only way I can fly in my dreams. I used to be an avid swimmer so maybe that’s why.

4. Arachnophobia

This isn’t necessarily the retelling of a dream, but rather the description of recurring motif that scares the absolute shit out of me. I don’t technically have arachnophobia, but I am very afraid of spiders. I don’t appreciate the unnecessary amount of legs and eyes, nor the way they look as if they’re constantly about to pounce off the wall and into your face. I’ve not seen all of the Lord of the Rings movies, however do you remember the one scene where Frodo is attacked by a giant spider and needs to be saved by his friends? WELL. I’ve had similar experiences, both with giant spiders as well as masses of smaller ones. Either way, I always find myself being stung by them. The reason I hate these dreams so much (or nightmares more accurately) is because the stings genuinely hurt. I can only describe it as being electrocuted repeatedly, tiny sharp stings that continually pierce me in the neck and back. I end up willing myself to wake up, because the pain is so uncomfortable. I don’t know why, but these are the only dreams where what I physically experience is so vivid it seems to translate into the real world, and when I jolt awake I need to spend a few seconds recovering. I hate it.

Additionally, I’ve also seemed to hallucinate spiders whilst being half-asleep, causing me to leap out of bed from sheer fear. They always loom ominously over my head, their legs twitching as they drop from the ceiling, sneaking closer and closer to my horrified face. I remember getting out of bed each time, but I’ll be honest some details are hazy and there is a possibility it was all a dream inside a dream. Who knows? But what I do know is how terrified I am every time it’s happened and how much I want to be able to lucid dream so I can escape these situations easily.

5. Sissy

It’s her, it’s really her. She bounds towards me, her tiny brown and white body hurtling through the air and into my arms. Oh, to feel her shiny, smooth fur again. To see her adorable, pointed snout and feel her wriggling excitedly in my arms. She’s so warm against my chest, but also I somehow seem to simultaneously accept she is both gone and here with me? Who cares, I get to be with her again.

I’ve had the pleasure of being able to see my beloved dog who passed away in my dreams. I’ve been able to hold her and play with her, and although it’s not real it certainly warms my soul whenever I’m able to see her. Some times she doesn’t look like. herself, but I know in my heart it’s her. It’s hard to explain. For those who don’t know what my dog was like, have a read here: I miss my best friend, every day. She was my best friend for many years and it is impossible to forget how much joy and happiness she brought to my life. RIP Sissy.

Alright, I think those are enough to give you an insight into my unconscious mind. Before I go, I’ll smash out a lightning round for the fun of it. These are all one sentences summaries out of context, so you can imagine the rest:

  • Sitting on a toilet seat making out with Stefan and Damon from Vampire Diaries.
  • Pretending to be a fairy and fainting if anyone tries to call me out in the lie.
  • Opening a password encoded door and if it’s wrong, a terrifying ghost will fly out at me (I got it wrong).
  • My dad is the yellow Wiggle
  • Attending the funeral of a stranger that is being held in a cinema.

I think I’ll leave it there. I’m coincidentally about to head off to sleep so I wish my fellow Australians a goodnight, and a good morning to those around the world who are just about to start their day. And also may I ask, what is your most memorable dream?

49 thoughts on “Psychoanalyse me please: 5 recurrent and memorable dreams

  1. Do you think #4 of weird things I do that I need someone to validate might have something to do with it? I suggest a diet of RomComs and sugary sweet soaps until dreams desist & stay well away from Hobbits!

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  2. You have interesting dreams! People interpret their dreams, their lives, and themselves by telling stories about themselves. The real function of psychoanalysis (and other forms of talk therapy) is to identify harmful stories and replace them with helpful stories. That’s why if you ask a therapist what a dream means, the answer is often “What do you think it means?”

    Last night, I dreamed that my ex and I were living in a small house on the south side of a well-traveled city street. I was trying to get rid of the other two people so that she and I could be alone. It’s not as interesting as your dreams, but it’s pretty easy to interpret. πŸ™‚

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  3. I’ve had that running scenario quite often, where your body just won’t speed up no matter how hard you try, running fast but moving slow.
    I used to have a strange recurring dream as a child, it used to really frighten me. I don’t know how to describe it but here goes:
    I’d dream about these two giant, what I’d call, rollers. As a rough estimate they would measure about 3 metres diameter and about a metre wide. they would be turning slowly and moving towards each other from about a metre apart until nearly touching. they seemed to be made of soft material and slightly rough to start with, something like a rough blanket. then they would start to get smoother, almost impossibly smooth.
    Now, here is the weird bit: when they turned smoother and smoother I became frightened, like it was a nightmare rather than just a dream. I don’t know why this should frighten me but it terrified me. I willed myself to wake up, then I would sit up in bed trying not to go back to sleep for fear of going back into the same dream.
    I don’t have the dream anymore on a regular basis but I have had it several times in adulthood. But now I am no longer scared, I try to keep in the dream to analyse it but it just fades away.

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    1. Interesting, I’ve never had a similar dream that I can think of. Perhaps it’s just a weird dream and there’s nothing there to analyse. I’m glad you’re not scared of it anymore though, I had the sense of fear you feel during nightmares, it’s suffocating.


  4. Two dreams stand out, neither recent; one from about 55 years ago. I was in my junior high school building, and the situation was like (he said in hindsight) Stephen King’s “The Mist” in reverse–the mist was INSIDE the building, not outside, and there were . . . things in the mist. The other is from 40+ years ago, when I was living in Japan; I was in some kind of battle, real building-to-building running combat, and I was using some sort of rocket-launchers, each one good for only one shot. But I got the next one wrong way round, fired it but saw no projectile–and then I looked down and saw a gaping, blackened hole the size of a grapefruit in my chest and I woke up gasping in terror. I have unusual-to-bizarre dreams all the time; that I remember these so clearly from so long ago must mean something…


    1. Both of those sound scary and I certainly can see how they’d be memorable. However, just because they are does not mean you have to seek meaning in them, perhaps they just made a lasting impression that’s all.


  5. It’s interesting, I’ve had a dream similar to the “witch in the bathtub”. When I was younger I would have a recurring dream where several friends and I walk through the forest to an old house. All of a sudden monsters would jump out and attack us, and we would always run away scattering in the woods. But the last time I had the dream, we turned around and fought back busting the moster heads like pinatas. Have no idea what it means but dream types have always fascinated me! you have a very active mind πŸ™‚

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  6. #1. You had me smiling at T-Rex. This is why parents don’t let their kids watch scary movies, LOL!
    #2. I have also dreamed about the running dilemma. Are you sure this wasn’t a movie???
    Spiders– you have given me something to be thankful about. *shudder* I have never dreamed of them *shudder* And yes, I read Lord of the Rings 4 times and watched the movies, too.
    Are you sure you want to be a doctor? Well maybe as a backup if your horror movies don’t do as well as I think they would!!
    Enjoy the rest of your holiday weekend.

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    1. I think quite a few of my dreams probably originate from movies and things that I have seen, but I don’t know! Ahahahah sometimes I do wish I hadn’t gone down this medical path and want an out, but there’s nothing else I can see myself doing so who knows! I hope you’re having a lovely day πŸ™‚

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  7. Your subconscious is active during your dream state. Mine also very active as well. My dreams can be very strange and super weird and a mish mash of different people in my life all in one dream. Thanks for sharing!


    1. I used to only have bizarre dreams that made no sense whatsoever, but I’ve noticed in recent years I’ll have ones that are a little more realistic, related to work and university. I’ve heard you can’t dream of faces you’ve never seen before, but I swear I’ve had dreams with strangers as well! It’s weird

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  8. You’re dreams are no weirder than the rest of ours, so relax and take solace in the fact that for years I was constantly being hunted down by a giant chicken with rabies driving a Ford Mustang.
    As for your dog, Sissy, I can sympathise so let me dedicate my poem to both of you:


    My dog has died and no none cares
    I mention him but this draws stares
    And frowns which tell me I’m too old
    To mourn a pet, or so I’m told.
    Empty corners, bare floor
    Room before but now we’ve more
    Toys donated, bed gone
    No more divots in the lawn.
    Coming home, a rusty gate
    Announces me and though I wait
    No rocket launches down the path
    To knock me down and make me laugh.
    Quiet mealtimes, no one begs
    Or nuzzles gently at my legs
    Knowing that, in time, of course I’ll
    Slip him the odd, tender morsel.
    Day is done, I climb the stair
    And reach the top but he’s not there
    I pray for sleep – those loving scenes
    When he runs to me in my dreams.

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    1. Aww, this is an absolutely beautiful poem and I love it, thank you so much! So many of those lines resonate with me and it’s a lovely tribute to your dog. I really appreciate it, I am so sorry for your loss and I am sure he loved you dearly ❀


  9. My ‘flying’ is running through the air, so I’m sure we both look pretty ridiculous in our flying dreams (and it usually happens because I’m being chased!). I’ve also had that effect of feeling like I’m running through mud! The first time that happened, I was probably somewhere around 10-12 years old and dreamed a prince wanted to marry me. I definitely didn’t want to marry him and started running only to have it feel like my legs were moving through some very thick substance that was slowing me down!

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    1. Ahahaha I am sure we look absolutely hilarious if we ever saw each other flying like that! As for the mud thing, it frustrates me to no end when it happens, I just want to be able to run normally!

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    1. I’ve been forgetting my dreams recently too, I’ve also heard some having more intense dreams during this pandemic lockdown. So who knows, maybe you’ll find a couple you can remember!

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      1. Yes I guess flying freely means happiness as I’ve felt happy but I also dreamt about running away and yes it’s true about my feelings of running away in reality and it’s not nice. 😦

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      2. Yeah the sense of fear when trying to flee from something in my dreams can be pretty intense. Hopefully you’re not having many nightmares during this pandemic, I’ve heard some are having more intense dreams. Wishing you the sweetest of dreams!


  10. Not going to lie–as scary as the second one sounds, it is also hauntingly beautiful at first. As for the T-rex on campus…school is stressful. I’m almost not surprised.

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  11. Going to school in my pj’s and not realizing it until after I am there

    When we close our eyes, all those little anxieties get reviewed like quick electrical sparks of thought. Some get worked out, some don’t, some keep us terrified

    Well done

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      1. If I recall my history correctly, the ancient Chinese civil service examination was called “the eight-legged essay.” Maybe that’s the source of the arachnophobia. πŸ™‚


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