To my 15 year-old self

Hello there, we haven’t met, but there’s a day you’ll see,

Our lives are inextricably linked, I know you better than me.

A decade’s worth of wisdom to give and I know it’s unorthodox,

But I’m going to tell you anyways, screw the temporal paradox.


There’s a journey ahead of hills and valleys you simply cannot foresee,

In ten years’ time you’re a doctor to be, still at university.

Pace yourself dear, don’t burn out too fast, the light at the end is far,

But I promise it’s there, you’re on the right path to blossom into who we are.


Never forget the two in the world who’d hand you their hearts if you ask,

They’ve given their all and even some more, so I have for you one small task.

Your rebellious days and angsty teen years, trust me it just isn’t worth it,

You owe them your all, and then just some more, I think we both can admit it.


You’ll be sad to know, some friends will turn foes, and reveal their true lying faces,

And others will vanish or drift to the past with sadly no lingering traces.

But true ones will stay, to fight by your side and of course new pals will emerge,

Be patient and true for life has way, for all of your arcs to converge.


Relationships wise, you’ll love and you’ll lose, then learn and you’ll love again,

A soul full of warmth, a heart of pure gold, who despite all your flaws will remain.

You’ve a cautious heart but one that is kind, don’t bury it six feet too deep,

The right one will come and you’ll know when it does, so remember to give them a peep.


That’s all that I have, I’ve no more to give, not sure if my wisdom is helpful,

And if it is not just take home one point, that you are incredibly special.

You won’t feel it now, nor a year or five more, in fact I still worry some days,

But one day we’ll meet and you’ll become me and we’ll go our united ways.

53 thoughts on “To my 15 year-old self

  1. Oh Dr. this is a beautiful piece. What an enduring letter as a teenager to oneself offering up wisdom. How truly wise we can be as teenagers. Your wisdom rings true today. Hope you are healthy and things are going well Doctor I know they were crazy for a while. Blessings and love to you my friend. Love 💕 Joni

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    1. Thank you so much Joni! Things are only going to get a little more crazier as I’m going back to the hospital for clinical placements starting June 1st. Fingers crossed it all goes well! I wish you the absolute best too ❤

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  2. A good blog post!
    And it seems clear,
    It’s one of lots
    You’ve done this year.

    But friends turned foes
    Are not so bad;
    You cannot lose
    What you never had.

    If truth be told,
    And so it should,
    Our toughest trials
    All work for good.

    And so should we,
    It’s hardly odd:
    We’ll do what’s right,
    Leave the rest to God.

    — Burma Shave (a cultural reference that hardly anyone will understand)

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  3. Pace yourself. What timely advice. I often think of Marlowe’s advice in Heart of Darkness, which is about restraint. Pacing offers the same kind of wisdom. The tribute to your parents is just as well as loving. As is the assurance to your younger self that better years are coming plus well-deserved and -realized self-appreciation. Relationships will help and they will hurt, but hanging on and staying true are needed overall. Others now may engage with your words, too.

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    1. Thank you so much Christopher, I am sure in ten years’ time I’ll have even better advice for myself. It’s a bit of a pity I can’t act on any of it, since it’s all in the past. But the funny thing is I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for my past self, so really I’ve done almost everything right.


    1. You know I realise I wouldn’t be in this position if it wasn’t for my past self, therefore technically I haven’t done anything wrong and shouldn’t try to change the past. Makes me wonder… what would be different if I could actually have this conversation.

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  4. This is sweet. I wonder how can I see myself few years from now. I am entirely happy for seeing your blog, I am also a doctor to be. Not yet at medical school but currently at college taking MLS. Keep safe and thank you for this doc!

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