The higher you go, the less you know

There’s a hierarchy that exists within the hospital. Us medical students are at the bottom of it, but there is a whole food chain that we must slowly climb with each year that passes. From an intern, to a resident, to a registrar and finally a consultant, the journey is a long and tedious one. … More The higher you go, the less you know

Head to toe

Flat, shapeless hair in monotonous black, Uneven skin tone with pimples that come back. Eyebrows missing half, that were reluctantly tattooed, Slanted, monolid eyes that lack latitude. A bulbous nose tip, that droops just a bit, And a canine snaggletooth, that’s sad it couldn’t fit. *** Breasts I wish were fuller, and deserve no recognition, … More Head to toe

And… we’re back at the hospital

Before anyone reads this and thinks I’ve been admitted into hospital, I’ll clarify and say that I’m back on clinical placement, in a medical student capacity. Our medical school asked for some final years to volunteer themselves to start their “transition to clinical practise” program earlier than originally scheduled. This way, placements can be staggered … More And… we’re back at the hospital