Am I cut out for this?

Hello everyone! I am sure you are all glad to know I am still around, although I wouldn’t blame anyone for thinking I had disappeared off the face of the earth. I am now finished with my second hospital rotation and thought I would reflect upon how my first rotation went. So, how did it … More Am I cut out for this?

My Utopia

Comfort is the familiar, where I can navigate with eyes closed, The place I bring my muddled thoughts and all I’ve not disclosed. The burgundy door with chipping paint unveiling its natural grain, Softened by the many knocks that have graced its textured vein. *** It opens to sweet home-cooked scents that unclog my anxious … More My Utopia

Sending your loved one to the hospital during these pandemic times

Hello, my dear friends, it’s been a long time since I have posted here. Too long, in fact. The truth of the matter is that I have been somewhat demotivated. I’m not sure whether it was the pandemic that eventually got to me, or that I was too busy at the hospital, but I haven’t … More Sending your loved one to the hospital during these pandemic times

Second wave incoming

The dreaded second wave. How we wished we had avoided it, that Victoria had quietly snuck under the radar and eradicated the virus. But that was never the case, since we consistently experienced low numbers in the community. Except now there are higher rates of community transmission and the burden on our hospitals is readily … More Second wave incoming

Head to toe

Flat, shapeless hair in monotonous black, Uneven skin tone with pimples that come back. Eyebrows missing half, that were reluctantly tattooed, Slanted, monolid eyes that lack latitude. A bulbous nose tip, that droops just a bit, And a canine snaggletooth, that’s sad it couldn’t fit. *** Breasts I wish were fuller, and deserve no recognition, … More Head to toe