My greatest talent.

I hope you didn’t come here expecting fantastical tales of unbelievable feats and achievements. If you did, well, sorry I click-baited you but also feel free to keep reading (aka not sorry). I like to think I have discovered a few talents throughout my life. Dancing. Writing. Public speaking. But my greatest and most fruitful … More My greatest talent.

When I grow up I want to be… not a doctor

I wanted to be many things growing up as a child. Journalist, lawyer, author, university lecturer, television presenter, veterinarian, I flirted with many ideas. I have since crossed off several of these from the list, however for some the infamous phrase “never say never,” still applies (looking at you author and lecturer). It was halfway … More When I grow up I want to be… not a doctor

Ching chong eyes

I started primary school almost two decades ago. Whilst many memories of my time there have faded over the years, there are certain things I can conjure up vividly and will think about every now and again. This is one of them. We were in grade four, a bunch of ten year-olds restlessly lining up … More Ching chong eyes