Second wave incoming

The dreaded second wave. How we wished we had avoided it, that Victoria had quietly snuck under the radar and eradicated the virus. But that was never the case, since we consistently experienced low numbers in the community. Except now there are higher rates of community transmission and the burden on our hospitals is readily … More Second wave incoming

Yellow-skinned targets

Fracturing, shattering, social disharmony, An invisible threat makes them reach for their armoury. Seeking a scapegoat to bestow all the blame, Fingers land on my heritage and then comes the shame. *** Where I see my skin they see yellow-stained targets, To launch insult missiles and harsh verbal rockets. The air is an echo of … More Yellow-skinned targets

I miss

The early rise from my cocoon of sleep, A blurry eyed breakfast and a scheduled time to keep. A rushed routine, of makeup and hair, To reach the station with little time to spare. *** The rhythmic grinding of wheels to track, My daily nap for the restless insomniac. Into the city our shuttles go, … More I miss

Stay home

In a time where the world is seeming to crumble, And fear bleeds through hearts of the deeply troubled. An invisible threat, with no care or discrimination, Annihilates peace and wrecks havoc on every nation. *** A sneaky fiend you unwittingly invite, Back into your homes to give it great delight. It smiles and you … More Stay home

How this pandemic is impacting me (and it's not what you think)

I suppose there’s no need to explain what’s currently happening in the world and the fact that many of us are concerned and have had to make drastic changes in our lives as precautions. It’s an uncertain time for us all and as tensions run high I hope we remember to stay compassionate and respectful … More How this pandemic is impacting me (and it's not what you think)