Second wave incoming

The dreaded second wave. How we wished we had avoided it, that Victoria had quietly snuck under the radar and eradicated the virus. But that was never the case, since we consistently experienced low numbers in the community. Except now there are higher rates of community transmission and the burden on our hospitals is readily … More Second wave incoming

And so it begins

The time has come. Time for stress, uncertainties and crippling anxiety over the near future. Internship applications have just opened for us final-year medical students, which means the next month will be a flurry of navigating different hospitals’ job application portals, writing contrived cover letters and embellishing lackluster resumes to sell ourselves. To understand why … More And so it begins

A fly on the wall

In the ecosystem that is the hospital, medical students are at the bottom of the food chain. We are the dumb and mute stragglers trying to infiltrate the tightly knit herd that is a ward round. We are the unwanted. I study at a large teaching hospital, where there is up to almost two hundred … More A fly on the wall

10 Things all Medical Students have done, but we’d rather not admit

1. Told a patient we would come back and check in later, but never did 2. Hoard handover and patient notes because the confidentiality bin is just too far away 3. Directed to a patient to take a history from and never went 4. Made up examination findings because it’s probably more likely “heart sounds … More 10 Things all Medical Students have done, but we’d rather not admit