To my 15 year-old self

Hello there, we haven’t met, but there’s a day you’ll see, Our lives are inextricably linked, I know you better than me. A decade’s worth of wisdom to give and I know it’s unorthodox, But I’m going to tell you anyways, screw the temporal paradox. *** There’s a journey ahead of hills and valleys you … More To my 15 year-old self

I’m snobby?

I’ve never been a very popular person, in fact ever since my primary school days I’ve always been a middle-of-the-pack kind of girl. Likely more of the nerdy type, if that’s not already abundantly clear to everyone. I’ve discovered people are generally more accepting and less judgmental as we get older, although perhaps I’ve just … More I’m snobby?

And so it begins

The time has come. Time for stress, uncertainties and crippling anxiety over the near future. Internship applications have just opened for us final-year medical students, which means the next month will be a flurry of navigating different hospitals’ job application portals, writing contrived cover letters and embellishing lackluster resumes to sell ourselves. To understand why … More And so it begins