My Utopia

Comfort is the familiar, where I can navigate with eyes closed,

The place I bring my muddled thoughts and all I’ve not disclosed.

The burgundy door with chipping paint unveiling its natural grain,

Softened by the many knocks that have graced its textured vein.


It opens to sweet home-cooked scents that unclog my anxious mind,

White walls that hear and bear the weight of a psyche misaligned.

Worn-in slippers await my feet to pace the hardwood floors,

Winding stairs unveil my safe haven to heal behind closed doors.


Comfort is a loving smile from the people who know me best,

No words need said for the one who has returned to the cosy nest.

A wet button nose and soft warm tongue tickles me to say hello,

She sprinkles me in short, snowy white fur as my smile begins to grow.


Free to be my unabashed self away from the world’s peering eyes,

I scrub myself clean of my well-painted face and strip of my disguise.

Beneath the hot stream shoulders unknot as worries circle the drain,

No care for how I adorn myself in this paradise of my reign.


Comfort is a handmade meal from the ones who love me the most,

A steaming bowl that warms my soul of flavours none can boast.

Slow cooked lamb in soy and spice diced into delectable bites,

Umami broth drenches the noodles I slurp to my heart’s delights.


Words untangle and laughs emerge from full bellies gone to sleep,

The day waves goodbye as we bid it adieu and all we had to reap.

A weathered couch of emerald skin watches the dimming blue sky,

I sink into its cool embrace and watch sunset hues passing by.


Comfort is those words from the one who knows me inside and out,

Who despite being far is never away to kindle and burn all the doubt.

The soft warm glow of burning globes pierces the star studded night,

A safe cocoon beckons my heart and coaxes my dreams to take flight.


Blissful moments of a cured mind before my sweet undisturbed peace,

Presiding over my fortress of warmth I surrender my desire of release.

Drifting to a weightless world where no qualms can unearth my soul,

I’ll open my eyes to the familiar world where comfort envelopes my all.

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