Head to toe

Flat, shapeless hair in monotonous black,

Uneven skin tone with pimples that come back.

Eyebrows missing half, that were reluctantly tattooed,

Slanted, monolid eyes that lack latitude.

A bulbous nose tip, that droops just a bit,

And a canine snaggletooth, that’s sad it couldn’t fit.


Breasts I wish were fuller, and deserve no recognition,

Abs which are flat but lack in definition.

A waist that could be thinner from what I do observe,

Hip dips that just won’t fill, for a smooth, seamless curve.

Thighs that always jiggle, despite my gruff rebuff,

Legs that are not short, but still not long enough.


The world carves a mould I simply cannot fill,

Yet we try, try, try, wishing for an easy pill.

You can try nips and tucks to fit a cookie cutter,

But the thought of going under, only makes me shudder.

My flaws are mine and they can help me truly shine,

I need not be another soul to know that I’m damn fine.


Body image. Here we go, a topic that has been endlessly discussed in the media and something everyone has been insecure about at some point in their lives. I, like most female millennials, spend a lot of time on social platforms such as Instagram and Facebook, where I am continuously bombarded with heavily edited and meticulously planned images of beautiful people. Who then serve as a harsh reminder of every blemish and centimetre I am away from perfection. Yes, it can be demoralising and I am probably too harsh and criticising towards myself. But do know what else annoys me? Being told I should see myself as perfect and judged for not loving and embracing every flaw, because then I’m a vain person who is giving in to societal pressures. But the truth of the matter is I am far from perfection and there are parts of me I’d slightly change if I had a magic wand. And that should be okay. I should be allowed to admit that without being seen as weak or shallow. Because acknowledging flaws is the first step to accepting them, and believe me when I say I have no intention of becoming someone else. Sure, I’ll diligently do my ab exercises and optimise my makeup to make my eyes look brighter, but I personally would never go any further than that. I cannot speak for anyone else and I think everyone is allowed to make informed decisions for themselves, but that’s just my two cents on my body image. Hence, I’ve decided to list all my physical insecurities as a cathartic way of addressing them. I’m not perfect, but I am beautiful.

30 thoughts on “Head to toe

  1. A woman, is only ever beautiful. Just beautiful, and she needs to be no more than that. If she is loved, then her beauty becomes something elevated to a higher appreciation, in the eyes of the one who loves her.

    If a man says to a woman, “I love you, and you need not to worry so much about how you appear to me,” then he has brought all the missing fragments together, so that she is always whole. Love makes beauty the arranged display of wholeness, togetherness, and clearness. It should not betray to fracture beauty.

    Though, I do see the ongoing world’s obsession with appearance, and business has manipulated beauty as easily as politicians manipulate truth. It is sheer deception, that I believe a woman should not follow. Remain true, remain complete, and be attractive to the oneness, of love, that could come your way. Be true to the numbers of this world that will divide you within, coming from obeying that deception, and you’ll never see yourself complete. Both business and politics believes in numbers, not oneness. They will divide, as easily as they will conquer the weaknesses of people. If a woman is named to be weak, by Nature, then her divisions won’t cease, if she keeps on obeying the dividers. If she sees numbers as a way to gain power, on her own, then she is merely playing into the hands of those who divide the woman.

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  2. We think we seek external validation when we’re really craving self-satisfaction, and even then it comes up empty sometimes. That’s where I learned humility, and where I learned to be human.

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  3. From what you describe and your photo – looks beautiful to me!! Claim that!!

    I have my scars that I am just shy with because they have emotions attached to them… but they are still beautiful to me … sometimes imperfection makes something even more beautiful – unique ❤️

    Embrace all your uniqueness!!

    I am battling body imagine with my daughter currently… she is developing and her breasts are beautiful and normal breasts … but I have had a full mastectomy and reconstruction so I have fake breasts… recently she is comparing … mine are “constructed” – hers are natural… but she compares the 2 – like comparing apples and oranges

    I would rather have my old breasts back – but they would have killed me. I miss having my actual breasts…

    So I keep trying to tell her how beautiful she is and how lucky she is to have normal unconstructed breasts.

    The grass is not always greener – appreciate how beautiful you are always!! ❤️✌️

    I want her strong and to know she is beautiful always!!

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    1. Both you and your daughter are absolutely beautiful and amazing the way you are. It is so hard to prevent ourselves from comparing our bodies to others, but in the end it only ever does more damage. Thank you for those kind words and know that you are inspiring! Your daughter will be strong and I am sure she will take after her mum 🙂

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      1. Thank you very much, that is very nice of you to say! 🥰

        Lol yup… she is becoming strong… and she has my spirit and smile. ❤️ thank you

        Since she is 13 – body image is a big thing right now!! Body image and they question themselves up against others… if you ask me? I think “that” age is where all our self doubt begins to really enter- once you become aware of yourself – then it begins?? Seems like that?

        Hope you have a great day – stay safe and well ✌️

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  4. The poem is well-written. Smooth meter and rhyme. (Sorry, English teacher talking.) The content is harsh, though the overarching quality is honest. Since body image is an issue (well beyond reality) that can cause many problems and a great deal of harm, even self-destruction, it’s important that you write and write so well about it (in the poem and prose). It’s important that you share your work, so you and others may benefit.

    Outside and inside, if I may say so–yes, you are not perfect; yes, you are beautiful.

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  5. First, doctor excellent poem. Very expressive and I am sure if most of us are completely honest we have some version of the same poem. You are a very beautiful woman and an incredibly intelligent one as well, Doctor.
    If I had one thing I would say that I learned from raising my beautiful daughter it is this: I always told her how beautiful, talented and smart she was which was all true. However what I didn’t realize was that even when she was little she was listening to my own self negative talk. My ears are too big, I don’t have a pretty smile etc. You are stunning and I am sure your daughter is too. I stopped buying magazines with great new styles a long time ago because of the images of the perfect models. I love fashion so when I get my hair colored I indulge myself and look at all my favorite magazines, to see what the new styles are. That way I don’t find myself comparing “me” to anyone else. I am glad you realize that you have real beauty. I have read enough of your posts to know you are incredibly beautiful without ever seeing a picture of you. Your heart is kind, you love and cherish your family and sacrifices they made for you. You care about being a doctor who is kind to her patients. You are beautiful on the inside my friend. It is a gift to have both. Love and hugs Joni

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    1. Aww thank you so much Joni! You are a gorgeous person inside and out and I really appreciate everything that you say. Your daughter I am sure is just as lovely and she has an amazing role model to look up to ❤

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      1. Oh Doctor Helen you are so welcome, thank you for your very kind words. I always enjoy your post, I am hoping and praying that people like yourself, in your generation will make real changes that matter. I feel strongly you will be one of those people. Love and hugs to you dear Doctor. Please be careful my friend. Joni

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