Head to toe

Flat, shapeless hair in monotonous black, Uneven skin tone with pimples that come back. Eyebrows missing half, that were reluctantly tattooed, Slanted, monolid eyes that lack latitude. A bulbous nose tip, that droops just a bit, And a canine snaggletooth, that’s sad it couldn’t fit. *** Breasts I wish were fuller, and deserve no recognition, … More Head to toe


You Your ambling pace Tells my nerves to slow. Steady, steady steps Lifts my feet and fears in tow. *** You Just like the constant sun A spot in my horizon Reach for me and I’m done. *** Rising east and falling west Ever lasting rays of light Does warm me like a well loved … More You

Ching chong eyes

I started primary school almost two decades ago. Whilst many memories of my time there have faded over the years, there are certain things I can conjure up vividly and will think about every now and again. This is one of them. We were in grade four, a bunch of ten year-olds restlessly lining up … More Ching chong eyes