The world is not your friend

It watches, a silent stage

The curtain rises on your fateful day,

No claps, no sighs, no words of praise

The world gives nothing but your days.


You trip, you fall, you scrape your knee,

It watches, whispers but does not weep.

For doors stay closed unless you turn

Those gold brass handles you always yearn.


No expectations of joy or loss,

No lines, no songs nor timely prompts

You write your scenes and cast your play

The world has no part and nothing left to say.


Neither friend and neither foe but

A wooden floor you scratch with your toe.

Leave your mark and wonder how

The world drops its curtains as you take your bow.

27 thoughts on “The world is not your friend

  1. Very nice poem Dr. It must feel like that sometimes for you. I have been watching a documentary called Pandemic on Netflix and there is a County Dr. who does 72 hour shifts at a hospital and I am guessing she felt like that some days. You deal with life and death every day. I salute you Dr. and all medical folks who work so hard. I hope you are being blessed as well. I love the comparison to the stage because you are performing for others all the time. Take care of yourself and so glad you are there. Love and hugs Joni

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    1. Thank you Joni πŸ™‚ I think it’s a sentiment that can be applied to everyone, opportunities are something we have to create and cannot depend on the world to bestow. Just have to keep grinding and not take anything for granted πŸ™‚

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  2. The world gives us glorious sunrises and sunsets, The warmth of the sun on a cold day, Glimpses of dolphins playing and whales blowing, Majestic mountains to scale and valleys to explore. The good comes with the bad and the bad with a good.

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  3. It watches, whispers but does not weep.

    Grand, if sad, description of an unfeeling world. I guess there are exceptions, found in a few persons maybe we are privileged to know. Good, open, authentic work.

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